Tracy H. Crawford, Owner

Paris, TX

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Professional electric services

If you have a new business or location and you need an electrician, call Crawrford Electric to do the job.  They can do the wiring, designing and implementation of electrical components and circuitry.  We are professional and licensed. They do many of the same things that you would get with residential.

When it comes to your business's electrical needs, you don't want to cut any corners or take any risks. We are licensed and offer professional services on every project. Whether you need installation or repairs, we can do it all.

Electrical installations

If your business is in an old building, then maybe it is time to rewire and update the circuitry. Doing so ensures safety and efficiency for the electrical components in your business.


If you have a completely new building, we can plan, design, and install all of the electrical wiring to meet the unique needs of your business.

Electrical repairs

Receive electrical repair services for all of the major systems of your business. Just like the residential and industrial services we offer, you can get repairs for:


• Heating

• Lighting

• Power

• Air conditioning

• Electronic equipment & controls

Commercial electric services


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